Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sydney+3 guys+keytar+80's+electro pop=Grafton Primary

The Garden brothers Joshua and Benjamin together with live drummer Robbie Mudrazija forms the massive Australian band Grafton Primary. Their live acts are said to be something extraordinary and as extra spice Benjamin brings the 80's back totally with his keytar.

Of course the sound of Grafton Primary speak of 80's synth and flavours of today's electro pop but with a darker touch. Like Depeche Mode joined forces with Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk. I can also hear big similarities with the music that another of my favourites this year Filthy Dukes creates. And you know that I love-talked them big time in this post one day in June so I highly recommend Grafton Primary if you fancy the Dukes.

We'll start in the right historical order to give you the correct introduction of Grafton Primary. The band started up in Sydney in 2006 and in 2007 the released their first EP "Relativity" which contains one of my absolute top songs from them "In An Hourglass" where Joshua has that voice that make you believe you actually are back in the 80's. Put a fantastic synth on top of that and you stop believing that you are back in the 80's, you're pretty sure you really are! And to make it a fact, another track from the same EP named "Stuck In My Head" they sing about being stuck in the 80's. Joshua put the lyrics like this: "I've got the 80's stuck in my head..."

Grafton Primary - In An Hourglass

Grafton Primary - Stuck In My Head

Last year the released their first full-length album "Eon" and it is definitely one of the best albums released in 2008. I suggest you buy it here! The followed up their first EP with a tremendous album where I have chosen some of my favourites for you to hear out.

Grafton Primary - The Garden

Grafton Primary - She Knows It

Grafton Primary - All Stars

Grafton Primary - Left Of Nowhere

And a great band like Grafton Primary comes with remixes of other fine acts such as Miami Horror, Hey Now, Kap10Kurt, Cryptonites, Aston Shuffle and Calling In Sick.

Grafton Primary - I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix)

Grafton Primary - Records For The Righteous (Hey Now Remix)

Grafton Primary - She Knows It (Kap10Kurt Remix)

Grafton Primary - She Knows It (Cryptonites Remix)

Grafton Primary - All Stars (Aston Shuffle Remix)

Grafton Primary - All Stars (Calling In Sick Remix)

As the last thing with Grafton Primary, they also make good remixes themselves. Check out these two fine ones!

Via Tania - Become Forest (Grafton Primary Radio Edit)

Jackson Jackson - All Alone (Grafton Primary Remix)


Remi X said...

HELL YES. I looooove GP so damn much. I really want them to do a US tour so I can scream and throw my bra ;) (kidding, but not really)

Shakir Ahmad said...

Nice post.