Monday, December 7, 2009

Electric Fever

French electro honcho DatA released his latest EP today on Ekler'o'Shock. It's called "Electric Fever" and contains, apart from the original, remixes by Munk, Idiofproof and Acid Washed.

DatA is one of the French acts that has evolved the trashy Justice-inspired rock electro the most. His productions has always been very melodic and funky. Good pop tunes to put it short. "Electric Fever" is no exception. The remixes are great too. I especially like Munk's nu disco-flavoured take but I won't post it as you're going to buy the whole release anyway, right? From Beatport or 7Digital for example.

Catch Monsieur DatA in Milan (@Reset!) on December 11, or in Barcelona (@Razzmatazz) on December 19.

DatA - Electric Fever

DatA - Electric Fever (Acid Washed Remix)


Evan Harris said...

Ahh I wish I'd known about this! datA never returned my email. He's so insanely good. Good looks guys

Friday Mixtape said...