Saturday, December 26, 2009

Johnathan Live

Ever since Johnathan Live sent us these uptempo synth and electropop-oozing tracks in early December I've been listening a lot to them. I don't know much about him since Mr Live seems to be a pretty secretive guy. Since his MySpace account states he's from London but his Virb account says he's from Santa Cruz, Tenerife, I wrote and asked him where he's from exactly and for some additional info. The only thing he shared with us is that he lives in London and that he's putting on a monthly night in Notting Hill. I guess he wants to let his music do the talking, so I'll just shut up. But if you're in London on January 15, you could help us by doing some stalking for us (check out this flyer).

If you came here from Hype Machine or Elbows, chances are you came for the Chromeo or the Everything But The Girl remix, but the true gems are the ones of Cato Canari and The Similou, two bands I'd never heard of.

Chromeo - Momma's Boy (Johnathan Live Remix)

Everything But The Girl - Driving (Johnathan Live Remix)

Cato Canari - Dirty Work (Johnathan Live Remix)

The Similou - Clouds (Johnathan Live Remix)


Anonymous said...

similar artist is thomas ferry