Tuesday, December 15, 2009


On January 11 one of our favourite producers from Stockholm, Mille, will release his debut single "Crysteena" on Neon Gold in the US and on Pure Groove in the UK. We first got to know about him via a detour to Gothenburg and our colleagues over at Dödselectro, who have been involved in the release on a curator basis. The single will be released on limited 12" vinyl and also include remixes by Edwin van Cleef and Fear of Tigers as well as the track "Stargazers" on the B-side. The awesome artwork is done by our buddies DW Design. Not included is the digital promo remix by Justin Faust who will come to Sweden in early February.

Congratulations to Mille and props to the Dödselectro crew (from whom we've snatched these tracks)!

Mille - Crysteena (12" Version)

Mille - Crysteena (Edwin van Cleef Remix)

Mille - Crysteena (Justin Faust Remix)