Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This morning calls for tides

Yep, This Morning Call releases his debut single "Tides" on Sweden's finest independent indie-electro pop label Substream, that I mentioned the other day. This Morning Call is also known as Ben Heyworth and he lives in Manchester in the UK. He's creating a kind of style of his own when he's mixing the traditional indie balladry with electronic quirks, glitch and ambience. The debut single is going to be on his forthcoming album “All Quiet At 4AM” set to be released in January 2010 along with a short UK tour.

The single "Tides" also comes with a bunch of good remixes, where I have picked out my two favourites that gives the track a more distinct beat, that makes it ending up in the country of nu disco.

This Morning Call - Tides

This Morning Call - Tides (Joachim Broeckers Remix)

This Morning Call - Tides (Supercycle Space Remix)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!