Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Polygon Palace

Speaking of debut singles, Polygon Palace will release theirs on Friday. The duo consist of Londoner Adam Ferns and New Zealander Gabriel Crossan who formed the band while living in Melbourne after they came to realize they shared the same love of leftfield dance music. Since then they've been a part of the underground party scene in a city with a music scene hotter than the World would be if Earth's entire population would emit as much co2 as the average Texan.

The single has had additional production by Finn Keane (Midnight Juggernauts, Damn Arms) and also contains remixes by CSK OK (made by Cassian), Swiss disco-housers Cryptonites as well as Wild Turkeys (aka Super Rookie) and Tornado Wallace, who both are pleasant new acquaintances to me. The guys have the same management as Bertie Blackman so you can expect to hear more from them.

I couldn't really decide which tracks to post so check out all of them. Don't forget to buy the release in full quality here...

Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway (CSK OK Remix)

Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway (Cryptonites Remix)

Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway (Tornado Wallace Remix)

Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway (Wild Turkeys Remix)