Friday, December 11, 2009

Monsieur Adi + Freak You

Italian fashion student, upcoming electro star and C3PO look-alike Monsieur Adi is certainly one to watch for 2010. His French influences seem to go beyond his name as his music sounds like Ed Banger meeting Jean-Michel Jarre. Ad some angel choirs and a touch of magic and you have the title track of his upcoming EP release "We are the Romans". The same track has also been remixed by our favourite French wineshop owner Freak You, who has added a little bit more dancefloor energy and some trademark weaving synths.

Monsieur Adi - We Are The Romans (Rough Mix)

Monsieur Adi - We Are The Romans (Freak You Remix)

Monsieur Adi has also been a busy bee making great remixes lately. His "Los Feeling" remix was one of my favourites of a ton of great remixes of that track and this remix of American indie rocker Reni Lane has turned the original uptempo rock tune into a mellow, romantic track that still works as good with Ms Lane's sensual voice as the original.

Reni Lane - Place For Us (Monsieur Adi Remix)